Monday, 29 May 2023

Back in the Garden


I don't think you can ever have enough roses in a garden and as they are flowering I thought I would treat you to another look

In the last week this one called Malvern Hills has been flowering profusely 

This one called Mary Delany is also now flowering

Nearby Mortimer Sackler is also flowering, thing is the same rose as the previous one, in 2022 it was renamed because of some thing going on across the water. I think Mary Delany is a worth name if you read the link

Blue for you is going berserk 

Olivia is doing the same 

The foxgloves are flowering which will please the bees

These are over five feet tall


A few of the roses flowering in our garden

outside our back door we have to of these Nemesia Wisley Vanilla and every time you walk out you are hit buy a wonderful sent. If you live in the UK you really need to get one for you patio
Take Care


  1. Gorgeous roses! I bet it smells heavenly too.
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. You've got a magic touch to raise all the roses.

  3. You have a lovely garden there. I don't have any roses, though my neighbour's roses tend to come over the fence and give me a display.

  4. They sure are blooming nicely for this early in the season! Enjoy your week!

  5. You have a wonderful Garden. And yes I agree, there couldn't enough roses.

    Thank you for sharing with

    Hugs by Heidrun

  6. Beautiful photographs, wonderful colour in your garden.

    All the best Jan

  7. Gorgeous photos! I am not sure why you go looking at churches when you have all this beauty right in your own garden! Foxgloves are STUNNING! Joining you from Mosaic Monday!

  8. Roses and foxgloves are blooming in my garden too. I always enjoy seeing what fellow gardeners are growing. Yours are really lovely and love that little dragon.



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