Monday, 16 December 2019

My other blogs

No doubt many of you have seen I write a few other blogs as they are linked on the Right had collum, a couple of them I and very lax at updateing. a few of my blogs were linked to a flickr account I have but since closing it the ohotos linked hav enot shown up. in order to sort this out I took the blogs down and am in the process of updateing them. I have also published a couple of new ones that if you get time can read.
Diamond Light Source
Where I used to work this gives you a tour of what is there
RAF Harwell
This one is connected to Diamond as it is built on the old site
Last Forgotten Fairmile
This one is a bit of a history for my family
Please have a look if you have time and enjoy


  1. I'm impressed that you have so many blogs. I can hardly keep one going.

  2. Just be careful not to let those old blogs get hijacked by spammers.


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