Friday, 7 November 2014

25 Years ago

This weekend marks the anniversary 25 years  of the Berlin wall coming down.  I had occasion to visit the place before it was removed and took a few photos while I was there and I have to admit I found it very depressing, this was not helped by the fact I had driven there along what was called the corridor. At each end you passed through East German check points which were bristling with armed guards and machine gun posts not to mention the barbed wire and mined off no-mans land. The drive was taken at 60MPH as the police check the speed and could fine you for going over the speed limit. I was scared stiff the whole time till I arrived in West Berlin. Only problem was I had to go through it again during the return. At the Berlin end and you arrived at a checkpoint and passed a memorial with a Tank on it, after the wall came down it was removed and someone put a combine on it painted pink. It's till there from what I heard. Must admit lit looked odd seeing it. Enough ramblings so  in case you wonder what it looked like back then here are some of the pictures I took the quality is not good as they were taken with a Kodak 110 camera.

Looking down the Str.des.17.Juni

Another view this one looking at the Russian war memorial note the tanks

The Russian Memorial again. They made a big thing of this driving out of the East side and changing guard in a ceremony, you can make out the two guards either side of the centre

 This is the wall itself running alongside Eberstrabe, a very depressing place at time. You could look over into the east on a platform and the guards would stare back at you from the machine gun posts.

Reichstag Building which at the time looked very desolate and empty it is now a government office. I returned to Berlin a year or so after the wall had come down and found a different place though the old east side still seemed very run down, something which I found echoed in Dresden and Jena when I went to the university's there, now I hope things have changed for the better.
Enjoy your Weekend


  1. I was very young, was about fourteen or fifteen years, the news of the fall of the wall opened all the information. It was a whirlwind of joy ... It is important to remember, hopefully help us and teach us not to repeat the terrible mistakes of the past.

    I really liked this post. Happy weekend

  2. I would've been scared too. I hope life is much brighter and uplifting for the people there.

  3. I was a kid at the time, but old enough that memories of that night in particular are very clear to me from the newscasts. There's a section of the Wall here in one of our museums.

  4. Life is very different these days. I will have to post some pictures of the Reichstag for you. It's the parliament building and has a glass cupola designed by Norman Foster.

  5. Isn't it quite amazing how time flies?!

  6. Thanks for the link, Bill, these are fascinating photos, and it's great that it is all so incredibly different now.

  7. Fascinating, Bill. I visited in '89 - just before the wall came down - but all my photos are somewhere else now. Enjoyed - if that's the right word - seeing yours here.


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